Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Final Before & After Photos

It's been quite a journey - this transformation of an old farmhouse from pit to peach (although I swear, we will always refer to it as "the pit"). Overall, things are done and the house it waiting to become a home for someone. Our work will never be quite done, though, as we still plan on putting up gutters (hopefully before it snows!) and will continue to clean up and restore the yard throughout the coming years. I just wanted to take a step back and walk you through the 'final' before and after photos as a reminder of how far this place has come.

Front of house before:
Front of house after:
 From the front door, you walk into the living room, shown here before (sorry mom, this is an awful photo of you, but the only good before shot we have in here!):
 Living room after:

 To the right of the living room is the den, shown here before:

 Den, after:

 Going straight from the living room, you move into the dining room, shown here before:

 Dining room after:

 From the dining room, you can move into the bathroom, shown here before:

 Bathroom after:

 From the dining room, you can also enter the main floor bedroom, shown here before (with and without carpet):

 Main floor bedroom after:

 Walking straight from the dining room, you enter the kitchen, shown here before:

 Kitchen after:

 From this corner of the kitchen, you head upstairs to the final two bedrooms, shown here before:

Upstairs bedrooms after:

  From the kitchen you can also go downstairs and out the north side entry or go all the way down to the basement. Here are some before photos from the entryway and the basement.
Entryway and basement after:

  If we move back into the kitchen, there is a south side door that used to open onto a side porch, shown here before (from the inside and outside):

 South side entry after:
 Just a few more before shots of the yard. Here is the south side of the house (from the front corner):
Here is the area between the AC and the fence, now free of trees and landscaped:
 Here is the cement foundation of an old barn in the backyard, before:
Here's the foundation, cleaned up, with a new fire pit added to make better use of the space:
 North side view of the house (the side we see from our place), before:
 North side view, after:
 All I can say is "Hallelujah!" It's done!