Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week One Recap

We closed one week ago today on the pit! In the past week we have:
1) Ripped out all the carpet, padding, tack boards, and staples (well, most of them).
Living room and dining room.
 Bedroom #1 (the ceiling was evidently spackled without covering the floor, lovely)
 Stairs - we'll definitely need to replace a few of these.
 Upstairs - plywood only underneath. The entire upstairs, as well as the stairs, will be re-carpeted.

2) Started to clear out downed branches and brush from the backyard (see the two BIG piles that David started?).

3) Deep cleaned the kitchen cupboards (all but the pantry, which I evidently forgot about!), moved out the old appliances (which were taken from the curb, thanks to craigslist), moved in the new dishwasher and stove, installed some of the new hardware (which we got for free, thanks to a Menard's rebate!), cleaned up the bay window, and started prepping the walls to be painted.
 4) Started the demolition of the side porch. David started pulling down the old beadboard from the ceiling yesterday. We hope to take the side porch down in pieces in order to salvage some of the materials.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Introducing "The Pit"

The hubby and I just purchased our first investment property! In a crazy turn of events, we ended up buying our neighbor's foreclosed home. We have watched this big, beautiful property fall more and more into disrepair in the seven years we have lived in our home, so we jumped at the opportunity to restore it. The home is an old farm house, built in 1922. Our neighbors told us that it was the original homestead for our area. It sits on slightly-larger-than-half acre lot, which has never been maintained. Up until last summer, there were 2 old barns in the backyard. Both were condemned and removed. I could tell you more, but the pictures are quite a bit more descriptive.
  View from the south
 View from the north (the view from our house)
Let's go inside...

Here is a shot from inside the front porch. From the pictures above, you can see that it's sloping down. From inside, you can tell it is sitting at a very bad angle. David demonstrates this below...

 From the porch, you walk into a living area. The carpet is heavily stained (the neighbors had indoor dogs). Luckily, David is already in the process of ripping out all of the carpet and there are old hardwood floors (in good condition) below!
 You move from the living room into the dining room.
Off of the living room, to the right, is a small den. There is an old stained glass window in there, along with a closet.
 View from the dining room, doorways to bedroom #1 (left) and bathroom (right). Notice the difference in height.
 Bedroom #1
You walk from the dining room into the kitchen. It's in surprisingly decent shape.
The door going out to the side porch.
 The side porch, also slanted and falling down. This one may not be salvageable.
 Back in the kitchen. Window looking at our house. Stairs to the attic.
 The stairs have a very low clearance. Mia may be the only one that doesn't have to duck.
The attic is technically 2 bedrooms, since there is a door in between, but it could be a large master with a nursery or kid's room. Technically this is Bedroom #2. This large window provides a nice view of the backyard (and light!).
 Crawl space/closet/storage area, in Bedroom #2.
 Bedroom #3. Two windows overlook the street (these are the windows seen above the front porch).

Walk-in closet, in Bedroom #3. Window faces south.
Back downstairs, in the kitchen. The view of the stairs going down to the basement, along with the side door.
 The mud room. This portion of the basement is in decent condition. Two washers, no dryer.
From the mudroom, you can go farther back into the basement.

  This portion of the basement has the furnace, etc. Dirt and cement floor.
 A view of the steps going back up stairs, in the mud room.
Heading outside...here is the side porch. There are cement steps leading down from the porch.
 Red shingles on the porch (and this side of the house), very badly need to be replaced. There are newer shingles on the rest of the house (although we'll replace those, too).
 Pre-existing sidewalk into the backyard.
 Wider shot of the backyard.
 Old fenced garden.
 The view from the middle of the backyard. The open area visible is where the 2 old barns stood.
 Old cement foundation from another building. There are old trees growing up through it. We hope to clean it up a bit and make it into a unconventional backyard fire pit and patio.
 To the right of the cement - the back north corner of the yard. There is an old bonfire spot back there.
 Our house, as viewed from the backyard. We've got some cleaning up to do...
 So that's the pit! We'll be updating our progress on here as often as possible. David is already in there removing carpets today, and with his long weekend off, we're hoping to start tackling some of the yard clean up right away.