Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Roof

It took quite a few hurdles, but we managed to get a new roof on the pit!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Big, busy (crazy) weekend at the pit! Here's a quick recap:

1) My parents came up with the bobcat to help remove trees. We pulled down most of the small saplings and damaged shrubs around the house and hauled one massive load to the compost center. We have lots of felled trees in the backyard that will need to be cut down and hauled next. We didn't even touch the north or west sides of the backyard.

2) Along with tree removal, the bobcat was useful in helping to remove the old cement stairs that were attached to the side porch that was demolished. The bobcat pulled them away from the house, then David and Daniel attacked the steps with a sledgehammer for awhile before giving up and renting a jackhammer the next morning to break them into "small" enough pieces to be hauled to the backyard until we can find a place to dispose of them. This allowed us to clean up the rest of the area to be ready for new stucco.


3) Stucco repair of some cracks around the house. New stucco where the side porch was.


4) Roofers were delayed, but as of last night, the tear-off was done and cleaned up, and ice and water sheeting and starter shingles were on the roof. We've been told the new shingles will be on by this evening (here's hoping!).


5) David's parents came up - Don and David fixed the roof line where the side porch had been so that it was ready for the roofers.

6) Door repair: we ended up sanding and priming the kitchen door (that went out to the side porch), and putting in a new lock set. It's ready to be painted. David and Don cut down a new door for the north side of the house (it was narrow and shorter than standard, so it made it a little tricky to find the right one!). That one is now in, was secured with a new lock set, and is also ready to be painted. Vicki helped clean up some of the remaining debris and cement rocks left from the demos.


This week we hope to put the finishing touches on the front porch, have the new shingles put on the roof, clean up around the house, and paint the doors. We also have lots of tree clean up and hauling to do in the backyard.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pit Progress

The front porch has a fully functional roof! Just a few more little things to do (like put on some stairs, lattice board along the bottom, a few more brackets and a final board, oh- and removal of those bracing diagonal boards) and it will be fully built! We also lucked out and don't have to build a railing for it as it's just under the  height which would require us to do so (we really liked the idea of no railing, but didn't think we'd be able to get away with it)! David and John have been working like crazy every evening to get the main part finished in time for the roofers to come in today and re-do the roof (including the new roof on the porch)! Also on tap for the weekend: stucco repair to the exterior (contractor), tree sapling removal and clean-up (us and my family), new siding and exterior repair and door replacement (us and David's family)! Oh, and the big Rice St Pub Crawl in among it! It's going to make for one BUSY weekend.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Front Porch Progress

After a few long evenings of picking up supplies, digging post holes (and then re-digging to flare them appropriately at the bottoms for the city inspector), pouring the cement posts, and one 12 hour long day of work on Saturday, we have the beginning of a new porch on the pit! Evenings this week will be devoted to finishing the roof (which needs to be done by Friday for the roofers to do their job!).

Friday, June 1, 2012

Side porch demo

We've been busy enough that we haven't posted an update in awhile! David demolished the side porch, started removal of some young trees that were growing too close to the house, and in the past couple of days we dug post holes for the new front porch! Stay tuned for photos of the front porch in progress - it's going up this weekend! Meanwhile, assuming the front porch goes on alright, we are scheduled to have the roof redone in one week, then it's on to stucco and siding repair and exterior painting.

Side porch BEFORE:
Side porch AFTER:

 South side of house BEFORE (tree removal in progress):
 South side of house AFTER (in progress - we have 2 more trees to go and a phone line in the way!):