Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The past month

We haven't updated for awhile - not because we haven't been busy working at the pit (we spend just about every free minute over there these days!), but because the work we've been doing has been a lot of little projects that aren't very exciting to post about (ie closing out permits, cleaning debris, hauling away trees, etc.).  So here's the re-cap of what has been done since the roof was finished:

1) The front porch was completed, including a dual railing on the stairs.

2) David and John put up new siding along the south side of the house, where the old side porch was at. They also trimmed out that section, finished the soffit under the new roof line, and trimmed and replaced siding at the front of the house. David has also spent time fixing some areas around the windows - trim, caulking, etc., so that the house is ready for paint!

 3) Tree trimmers were sent out by Xcel Energy to trim up all the trees near the power lines lining the street. Luckily, David was working over at the pit and made friends with the contractor, so they did a little extra clean-up for us and now you can actually see the front of the house from the road!
4) Vicki, Mia, and I spent time cleaning and prepping the entire upstairs for priming, painting, and carpeting. We had to remove the linoleum section that was screwed onto the floor, wipe everything down, sweep, fix all nail holes, move around some shelves, and remove staples and carpet padding from the stairs. Now it is ready to be primed and painted, and then we can have the carpet laid.

5) David painted the exterior side doors, but we're still looking for the right front door to replace the one we currently have (it's pretty warped with water damage on the exterior).

6) David started to uncover the sidewalk that runs up to the front of the house and wraps around the south side (it then rained and filled back in a bit for this photo). He also cleaned up part of the south side of the house - pulling and spraying weeds, laying weed tarp, and mulching one area, and removing large cinder blocks from the area underneath the old side porch. We plan to plant some perennials in the mulched area and lay some pavers to create a side patio in the backyard.
7) Finally, the big project of the weekend was re-doing the tile floor in the bathroom. David ripped the old, broken tiles up to find the floor underneath the toilet covered in mold and mildew. This resulted in him and his father having to pull up the first layer of flooring, as well as some of the sub-flooring beneath that, then replacing all of it before even getting to lay the new tile. Luckily Don and Vicki were up for the weekend so that David and I weren't trying to figure this out on our own! By 8pm last night, they had the tiles all laid, and then took off for home. Meanwhile, David and I will have to figure out how the grout the tiles to finish up the project. We still have 1-2 tiles to replace in the kitchen, but other than that, we'll be done with tiling!

So what's next? The house is getting painted this week!!! We are very excited to get this huge project done - not only will it make the exterior of the house look even better, but it will signal the end of our work on the exterior of the house! We also worked out a deal with our painters to have them paint and stain the front porch, so we don't have to worry about that! Meanwhile, we have LOTS of little (and big) projects left to do on the inside of the house, so we'll slowly be crossing those off of our list. I hope to get at the landscaping as soon as the painting is done - exposing the remainder of the sidewalk, laying a patio on the south side of the house, and mulching out the remainder. I plan to plant some things now, and then I will wait until some of my own perennials are done blooming so that I can split them and take some over to the pit. We also have a contractor coming to remove some dead and dying trees from the property, which will help clean things up.