Monday, September 24, 2012

Painting = done! Carpet = done!

Although David was on shift Sunday, we managed to spend all day Saturday at the pit, and then Mia and I put in some hours over there on Sunday by ourselves to continue the progress. Mia even took naps in the attic both afternoons - she wholeheartedly approves of the new carpet! She said "That's amazing!" when she saw it!

The carpet was installed Wednesday by <a href="></a>, or as we call him, Carpet Bob. He installed the carpet in our basement at our place, so we were happy to give him more business! The carpet looks fantastic - what a wonderful finish to the entire upstairs! It makes the whole space so inviting - Mia explored up there a lot this weekend - and I just wanted to grab a book and curl up on the floor by one of the windows. We also managed to cut a few small shelves and get them painted to finish off the closet, and got a window screen made and installed (after a thorough window cleaning!) on one of the dormer windows that was missing its screen (note: Hardware Hank across the street makes screens if you ever need one!). So, the attic is officially DONE.  We just need to run a vacuum cleaner up there before we rent it out.

Meanwhile, we finished the painting on the main floor! The bedroom was painted on Saturday, and then I was able to paint the ceiling in the bathroom after we patched, taped, and mudded a hole. Mia managed to fall asleep for her nap after I was done painting on Sunday, so I had to kill a bunch of extra time over there while she slept (normally, that would be a good thing, but I was really looking forward to getting back to my own home after that quick project!). Nonetheless, I removed all of the rosin paper and tape from the hardwood floors, and did a quick sweep to get them cleaned up. With the exception of a few random outlet covers that need to be replaced, these rooms are officially DONE now, too!

Bedroom, main floor (same color as upstairs)
 View from front door - living room and dining rooms
Den (Stephen and Lori both gave the red a big thumbs up!)
 Dining room
 View from kitchen doorway - dining room and living room

Stephen also came over Saturday afternoon to help out in the yard once again. He cleaned up some more by the cement slab, and then he arranged the retaining wall blocks that we had purchased into a fire pit. He even christened it by burning some of the multitude of brush!

So what's left to be done? Well, the kitchen currently looks like this: (that's the rosin paper in piles on the floor, waiting to be discarded!)

Just about everything can be narrowed down to the kitchen:
1) hook up, mount, and clean microwave
2) hook up, clean stove
3) clean, hook up fridge (it was finally moved out of our garage and over to the pit by David and Stephen!)
4) hang kitchen ceiling fan
5) build and then paint exterior stairs coming down from kitchen door
6) cover back of stairs going to attic in entryway
7) buy and install new front door
8) fix plumbing on bathroom sink
9) buy dryer, have someone else install it and hopefully haul away the extra washer!

Oh, and ADVERTISE that this place is FOR RENT! If you know of anyone interested, leave us a comment!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tape, prime, paint, pull off tape, repeat!

This has been our lives for the past few weeks - PAINTING the pit! Over Labor Day weekend we had a couple of friends in town that we were able to put to work in between wedding festivities. Gabe and David primed the main floor rooms on Friday while Stephen did more work outside and my dad helped figure out what we needed to pick up for gutters and trimmed out the interior of the north entry door. Sunday we all worked on painting the trim and crown molding on the main floor (no pics - it wasn't that exciting before the walls were painted!) and I finished up the trim later in the week before we headed to Georgia for another wedding.

This past weekend was another big weekend as David had Thurs-Mon off and I took some time off to help out, too. We managed to prime and paint the kitchen (a nice yellow, which we picked up for $5 at the Re-Store!), hallway going upstairs, and entryway on Thursday and Friday. David also installed a new ceiling light in the main floor bedroom, and we worked on filling in all of the blank spots on the fuse box in the basement (after he gave himself a little charge while working on the bedroom light...).
Saturday was busy with GOPHER FOOTBALL, but we did spend some time after the game removing the tape in the kitchen, putting outlet covers back on everything, and taping off the living room for painting the next day.

Sunday we painted the living room (a dark brown/taupe that we picked up for $5 at the Re-Store, the paint wasn't great but after 2 coats it looks good!). We took a break to grab lunch and watch part of the Vikings game (this pit work is really interfering with our football watching!) and then hopping in the car to drop off a trailer full of dead branches and trees from the backyard and then make a Menards run to pick up more supplies. By the time we got home (we had to sit in the parking lot at Menards to hear the conclusion of the Vikes game), we unloaded our stuff and called it a day.

Monday David and I were able to paint both the den (red!) and the dining room (a lighter brown/taupe, which actually ended up being the color of thick chocolate milk!) and install the two sconces in the living room (pictured above) before going to pick up Mia from daycare.

 The red looks a little intense in these pictures, but when the sun shines in the stained glass window, it really makes it all pop! I think it'll be fun for the small den - and it looks fantastic with the white trim!

The dining room and living room are two different shades, although it's hard to tell in these pictures (it was pretty cloudy out when I took the photos). They coordinate really well without being the exact same color.

Now it's back to work for both of us, although while we're at work, the carpet is being laid upstairs! This weekend we have Stephen coming for what will hopefully be one last push to get the yard as ready as it's going to be pre-renters. We plan to paint the last room (the main floor bedroom), install the kitchen ceiling fan, fix a spot on the bathroom ceiling and paint that, and David and John are going to install new stairs coming down from the entry door in the kitchen (where the old side patio was), and then those will have to be stained and painted to match the rest of the house. After that, it's just a matter of hooking up and cleaning appliances, doing another main floor clean, fixing some plumbing in the bathroom, buying a new dryer and having that installed, and installing the new gutters and downspouts (which may have to be done AFTER the renters are in). We hope to start advertising this weekend...crazy!