Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finishing touches

We're not done - not quite! But we're very close. We actually didn't have to spend the entire weekend at the pit last weekend, but we were lucky enough to have help from David's parents (once again) for a couple of days. We officially have all of the appliances installed and running (including a new dryer that was delivered over the weekend), the plumbing in the bathroom was fixed, the kitchen ceiling fan was installed, trim was placed in the bathroom, and we got some more cleaning done inside the house. David bought some wainscoting and covered the back of the stairs and an open spot on the stairwell (safety hazard), which helped clean up the entryway quite a bit. We also washed all of the windows (inside and out), cleaned off the front porch, put up street numbers alongside the front door, and even placed some pumpkins (grown in our backyard) on the front steps to increase the curb appeal. I also spent all of Sunday afternoon splitting perennials from my garden (hostas, day lillies, and sedum) and transferring them over to the pit to finish up the landscaping. I'm really excited to see how they turn out next year! I was even able to (hopefully) save a phlox plant that was growing wild in the backyard of the pit and transfer it up towards the front of the house.
  New house numbers on front door - the door still needs to be replaced and then painted white to match!
 Hostas on the shady north side of the house (facing our place). I hope to plant ferns alongside the house next spring.
 Added in sedum and day lilies along the sunny south side of the house.
 New ceiling fan (Mia enjoys playing with the remote), microwave and oven installed.
 Fridge installed (minus the water line).
 New trim in the bathroom.
 New dryer installed (old, extra washer was removed!).
 Wainscoting to cover up the back of the stairs, in the entryway.

Tonight David and John are building a small landing and steps down from the kitchen door (right now it opens to a 4 ft drop since we took off the side porch that was originally there). Those will then need to be stained and painted to match the front steps.

Meanwhile, we're down to only a few more projects (some big and some little):
1) We're still hunting for a "new" front wood door - we spent a good couple of hours scouring salvage yards in the area, but didn't find one that fit our specifications.
2) We can finally move the rest of the tools and random equipment out of the house and CLEAN. Most of the house has been cleaned at this point, but we still need to scrub counters and sink in the kitchen, do a full floor scrub, clean the oven, etc. This is a big priority at this point as we're showing interested renters the house and it'd be best to have it looking as move-in ready as possible!
3) Backyard clean up - more raking, evening out the yard, cleaning up downed branches, etc. Now we're also starting to deal with leaves - bah!
4) Gutters and downspouts on the house

I think that may actually be all that's left (with the exception of a few small odd projects scattered throughout)! We are so excited to be DONE with this project and to get some tenants in there. We started advertising with a single sign outside the house, and have had quite a few calls and walk-throughs, but we may start advertising online to speed things along.

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