Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Front Door!

We're really hoping that we've found the right tenants - just waiting for everything to pan out in the next few days...in the meantime, we hit up the salvage yards (again) and finally found the perfect front door. We picked it up Friday afternoon, and since my parents ended up being in town for the evening, we put dad to work with David getting it installed. Sunday, we hung a blanket up outside the entrance to block the cold air so that I could paint the new door and some of the interior trim and threshold that had been missed by the house painters. This was our set-up:
It worked, even though it was a little crazy to deal with - but the temps were below 50 degrees and we had to ensure that the paint would actually dry! Here's the finished result:

We got the door for a whopping $75 - and it's in great condition. It even had a vintage doorknob that we were able to preserve and use with the existing frame! We just swapped out the deadbolt. The full window is a nice complement to the other paned windows on the front and side of the house (we hung a curtain on the back of the door for those times our renters want more privacy). The new door lets in a TON of light, though, which was a great addition to the living room. 

A final before-and-after post will be coming later today (hopefully), so stay tuned!

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